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Busted Bootleg: A Red Jackal Mystery

Busted Bootleg: A Red Jackal Mystery

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Signed by author Jonathan W. Sweet

On election night 1934 in Minneapolis, what appears to be a politically motivated attack sets off a chain of events that draws the Red Jackal into a web of intrigue. Initially focused on uncovering the motives behind the assault, the Red Jackal soon realizes that a deeper conspiracy is afoot—one that threatens to sabotage a college football game and dash the hopes of a local university’s shot at a national championship.

As the Red Jackal delves deeper into the mystery, he finds himself caught in the crossfire of an undeclared war between rival mob families in the Twin Cities. Struggling to remain neutral amidst the chaos, the Red Jackal must navigate treacherous streets and high-stakes encounters.

From the streets of Minneapolis to a frantic battle on a train as it hurtles through the countryside, the Red Jackal battles to save the innocent victims of the conspiracy before it's too late.


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